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FRI 2030 Security Office [13 Sep 2011|04:04pm]
Colleen had finally gotten a hold of Soran, who had been in meetings throughout most of the day. It was just after lunch on Earth. She smiled at the Vulcan Ambassador. "Ambassador Soran," she greeted on subspace, "thank you for calling me back."
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MON 2100 Counselor's Office [30 Jan 2008|09:30pm]
Colleen approached the office and rang the chime with a glance at the chronometer. She still had a lot of work to do, but she needed the information for the Hades' flight schedule. She knew there would be rendezvousing with transport vessels all day tomorrow, and that civilians would be getting into shuttles, transports, and the Hades alike to evacuate. She needed to have that schedule not only for the FCC office, but for the shuttle testing facility as well. And her own flight schedule for the Hades. The Counselor, she was aware, could provide that information for her.
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FRI 2300 Colleen's Quarters [13 Aug 2006|06:51pm]
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"Computer, begin personal log," Colleen said, sitting back in her chair and taking a deep breath before beginning. "This last week has been more than exhausting." She recounted what had happened with Keith, leaving out classified details. She had another log for those, and it was already complete. "Thank God, Keith's going to be fine. He spoke with my dad last night, and it seems like the discussion really turned Keith's thinking around completely. He wants to be just like Dad, so that's the explanation for his attitude change. He doesn't have any problem with physical therapy now, though it still does exhaust him. Poor little guy..."

She looked over at Keith's bedroom, and then back to her computer.

"On a much happier note, John and I got some news this morning. They're putting a shuttle testing facility here. He's going to be doing most of the engineering work, and I'll be administrating it. I dropped in at the FCC office earlier today to tell Sally and Olaf. I'll wrap up everything there tomorrow, and then shift my concentration completely to this. We want it up and running in about a week and a half. I'm so excited! John and I are going to get to fly experimental shuttles...this is *exactly* what we both wanted to do! Obviously this isn't a permanent assignment. We both still want to command someday. But it gives us a good opportunity to stay together here, for a while longer. And that's great for Keith. Speaking of which..." Colleen launched into the new development with John becoming Keith's dad. "Apparently there isn't a crewman on board who didn't think John was going to end up moving into the quarters next door." She chuckled. "Someone even won something, betting as to when John would move in." She sighed happily. "Three months ago, I wasn't remotely expecting any of this to happen. I never suspected in a million years that I'd be a mother, and that the father of the child would be John. Even if John and I aren't...romantically together...I don't know. I suppose it's a special kind of relationship. I'm not one for psycho-analyzing, but I think that we're more than best friends...but we aren't together. It's confusing. And not necessary to analyze."

She smiled. "I'm going to help John move in tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to spend a bit more time with Keith than I did today. Now that I've spoken to Starfleet and with Utopia Planetia and the Moon base ship yards, I have an idea as to what they're expecting, and I don't need to go into as much detail with them tomorrow. And since Lt. Commander DeVries is handling the supervision of the entire thing, he can coordinate with Chief Sussan and Lt. Running Eagle, and we can start setting up the security around the location for the facility." She laughed again. "I still can't believe that Captain Tashanas went ahead and put security protocols on the quarters next door. She must have known John was going to move in...well, everyone knew. Except John and me."

She paused the log, and looked over the contents. Then she resumed. "Well...I think that's enough of an update for now. I might have to make more of these, now that I've got a bit more going on. This place is never quiet. Always something new." She grinned. "That's exactly why I joined Starfleet in the first place. Computer, end log."

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THURS 2100 Colleen's Quarters [10 Mar 2006|10:13am]
Colleen sat down after her parents left, ready to go to bed. She was exhausted, and that rarely ever happened. But before she retired for the night, she wanted to make a log entry about the last few days. She sat down in front of her console, and clicked it on.
"Computer, begin log." She exhaled and said, "These last few days have been...interesting, to say the least. We were en route to DS9..." She recounted the crossover, and her experiences with the other universe, and then got to the part about flying back through the anomaly. She included the exciting details about the difficulties of navigating that particular anomaly, and then said, "So we emerged, and I checked the readouts, and the warp core was hit. We had to get out, and fast. Man, if the Hades hadn't been there, ready to beam us out..." She shook her head. "It was a close call. My parents and Keith were so happy to see me, and John practically fell out of the airlock after me, trying to greet me!" She laughed. "I missed them all. Especially Keith. Seems like he's grown since I left. I know that isn't likely, but anyway...he's doing very well in school. He showed me some of his math problems that he worked on while I was away. He's gotten into factoring and cancelling out variables. He just simplified something like...what was it? Oh, right--y = x/x + 1. What is y? He solved it and came up with 2. He's so brilliant..."

She sat back, and chuckled. "He's getting the hang of skating too. He's a long way from being able to play hockey, but he's only four. He'll get there. He can almost skate without hanging onto anything. He catches on so quickly to everything we show him." Colleen smiled. "I'm so glad my parents and John are here to help with him. I think he feels really close to them, and I know I can count on them to take care of them if anything ever happens to me. Computer, pause."

She got up, got something to drink, and came back. "Resume log. I think I got attached to the poor Evian. It was a good little runabout. We've got the Jordan now, though, and I'm so excited about it...I'm going to start work on it tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I've got a sneaking suspicion that John and my parents have planned something for my birthday. They're been all too quiet about it, and when I mentioned it, Keith's face gave everything away. He started giggling." She shook her head in mock disappointment. "When will they learn? It's probably something incredibly embarrassing. They probably invited the entire station's staff to my quarters and they're going to 'surprise' me after my shift..." She laughed. "But then, I could be completely wrong and they could be planning absolutely nothing. Ah, well. I'll have to find out." She yawned, and said, "Computer, end log," as she got up, got a shower, and went to sleep.
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MON 2200 Colleen O'Donnell's Quarters [28 Nov 2005|05:18pm]
Colleen sat down at her desk and clicked on her communications console, having just received Commander Tashanas' reply to her request. She typed in her parents' frequency, and soon her dad's face was on the console.

"Hi, Peanut! Let me call your mother," he said, and Colleen saw that he got up on his own, walked into the family room (or rather, hobbled), and put the console on the coffee table. Her mother paused the holo-movie and greeted Colleen. "Hi, Honey!"

"You seem to be moving faster, Dad," Colleen said with a grin. "Is skating on?"

"Maybe in a few more weeks," he replied with a smile. Colleen was very happy to see her dad had made such progress since their last conversation. He was no longer using the crutches, and he could move under his own power.

She nodded, and said,
"How would you guys like to come to Empok Nor on Thursday? I've secured guest quarters for you through Saturday, so you could arrive anytime Thursday and see Keith for his birthday on Friday."

They beamed. "We'd love to!" her mom answered. "Oh, we got him a few more little things. We haven't shipped those out yet. Did you get the bicycle and the computer?"

"Not yet, but it's on its way. I checked the transport's status, and it should arrive tomorrow."

"The clothes are on another transport--we shipped them out a little later than the other things...Keith will be so happy on Friday! I can't wait to see him personally. We were shopping in a sports store for a new stick for your father, and we saw these adorable little skates just Keith's size. We couldn't resist."

"So Keith will have his first pair this Friday..." Colleen mused, thinking of the sizing chart she had given her mother and how helpful it must have been in their shopping endeavors. "Maybe you should hold off until Christmas to give the skates to him. Then we can get him pads and a helmet and a stick and teach him while I'm at Lunae Planum."

Patrick nodded. "I'd love to teach him to play. It'd be helpful if you and John could teach him how to skate first. That'll take some time. We can show him a few tricks of our own while you're here, Peanut."

"Then you've definitely got leave for Christmas?" Erin asked.

"I still have to ask for it, but I'm pretty sure I'll get it, Mom."

She beamed at that, and said, "It'll be so much fun to get the decorations out again and have a little one in the house on Christmas morning. We should go to the Children's Service with him Christmas Eve." She was referring to the children's Christian religious service the dome offered right before each major holiday, reminding the little ones right about Keith's age exactly what it was all about. In Keith's case, it would be his first lesson.

"I'm thinking we might want to give him our own introduction first. I mean, he's had absolutely no instruction on the subject whatsoever, and I don't want him thinking it's the only belief out there. Only that it's an option."

Erin nodded. She completley understood, and there would be plenty of other Christmases and Easters and such to take Keith to a Children's Service.
In the background, a buzzer went off and Erin jumped a bit, and said,
"Oh, the brownies!"
She got up and ran out, and Patrick laughed. "Your mother's been cooking a lot lately," he said. "We haven't gotten an assignment in two weeks and she's already cleaned every square milimeter of the house. So she's moved into the kitchen."

Colleen laughed. "Maybe you two should vacation on the Moon or San Francisco for a few days before you come here. Just to get away or something."

"We're going to 'get away' when we come visit you, Peanut. Your mother has enough of a distraction with that, now. We'll have to pack tomorrow, and then discover at least thirty items we don't have, and we'll have to inform every soul in Starfleet Security that we're leaving--"

"Why's that?" Colleen asked, a bit concerned.

"They want to know where we're going for the next few months or so. Just to keep tabs on us," he said, and because it was a secure channel, he added, "Makes sense to me."

Colleen nodded. "Well just tell someone we know personally."

"I intend to," Patrick said definitely, and then said, "I think I'm gonna go help your mother in the kitchen. I'll talk to you later, Peanut."

"Love you, Dad!"

He smiled and said, "Love you too." The screen clicked off.
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MON 2130 Colleen O'Donnell's Quarters [14 Oct 2005|08:49pm]
Colleen sat down in front of her console. She had put Keith to bed and wanted to contact her parents before he woke up with a nightmare. So she clicked her console on and typed in her parents' frequency. She waited, and then the transmission went through. Her mother's face appeared on the screen.

"Colleen! What a pleasant surprise. What's up?"

"Mom, you remember what I told you about Keith, right?"

"Yes! I'd love to meet him. Do you have leave coming up?"

"Not that I'm aware of. I was actually calling to ask you something else. I want to legalize his adoption. Now I know it's gonna be a big responsibility, da-da-da, blah, blah, I got the same speech when I brought home Brewster," She said with a grin, referring to their old dog, "And I know this is way different. I just feel like, from what I know about you-know-what, and what *you* guys know, we can offer him the best protection from them. And the station would be an excellent environment for him to learn and grow in. I think it'd be a perfect place."

Her mom sighed, but smiled. "You've thought this over, obviously. I never imagined you would grow up so quickly. And you're about to make me a *grandma*!"

Colleen laughed. "I think it'd be best if Dad were in on this conversation."

"He's in the kitchen. I'll bring the console over to him." Colleen saw the surroundings change as the console was lifted off the living room table and carried into the kitchen. Her mom set it down and sat next to her dad. "Hey, Peanut! What's new?"

Erin filled Patrick in, and Patrick smiled. "I think it's an excellent idea. Keith sounds like a great little kid who needs a family like ours."

"I feel like if he went into Starfleet's system, he'd get paired with great parents but you can't be sure where he'd be safe. If you-know-what reaches as far as we think, then anyone can be at risk."

Her parents nodded. "We are probably the best chance he has," Erin said.

"I need to know that you guys would be willing to take him...should anything happen to me," Colleen said.

"Absolutely!" They said simultaneously. "I want to take him anyway," Erin said.

Colleen smiled. "So I take it holidays are booked for the next...oh, fifteen years."

"Holidays are booked for the rest of your life, Colleen. If you and Keith don't come home to spend holidays with us I'm going to have to send in a formal complaint to Commander Tashanas," Erin said, laughing. They all knew that oftentimes they couldn't get holidays off because of Starfleet duty coming before religion. If Starfleet compensated for every single religion, there would be days with no one on duty, and there would be a large group who took off each day. But whenever they could, they liked to spend Christmas and Easter together, at least. It was *something*.

"Your mother's right, Colleen. This year I don't know how we're going to get the star on the top of the tree without you," Patrick said.

Colleen smiled. "All right, all right," she submitted readily. "If the *star's* welfare is at stake, then my duty has to be dropped right *then* and I'll get home within the *hour*."

"So when do we get to see Keith?" Erin asked. "Christmas is in two months, if you've forgotten again. When's his birthday?"

"I don't know," Colleen said, slightly ashamed. "I'm going to have to find out that information. I know he's roughly around three and a half."

"Your birthday's in a few months, Peanut. You could come then."

"I can't just take off for my birthday, Dad. It wouldn't work out."

Her dad smiled, knowing that she knew he was kidding. They talked for a while about Erin buying Keith everything she could find, and how they would have to design a lot to get the credits, and how Colleen didn't have to worry about anything--they'd support him, and how he *needed* his own room, and his own toys, and how he just *had* to be introduced to shuttlecrafts now, while he was still young for it to be ingrained in his mind, and etc, etc. Finally, they said good bye, and Colleen sat down on her couch and filled out a request for larger quarters. She realized Keith couldn't continue sleeping on her bed forever. And her back was starting to bug her, after sleeping on the couch so many nights. She peeked into her room and watched the little boy sleep for a few minutes, and then changed into her own pajamas and read a novel on her couch. It was so peaceful, she reflected. It was going to be a great fifteen years.
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TUES 2100 Colleen O'Donnell's personal log [19 Sep 2005|04:28pm]
Colleen O'Donnell's Personal Log. Well, I just put Keith to bed. The little guy wanted to stay up and watch a holomovie with me, but he konked out after the first scene. *chuckle* I hope he doesn't have any more nightmares, but that's wishful thinking. I remember the endless nightmares I had after...well, it didn't stop for a year. Even after treatments for PTSD. So his probably won't stop either, at least not for a while.

He's such a cute little kid. I can't believe I'm in charge of him, though. I mean, I've babysat but this is different...I was in charge of little children on Station 10 when I was a teenager, but only for a few hours until their parents came home. Keith's parents aren't coming home. I'm it. Until his family comes to get him, that is. But I'm starting to think that's not going to happen. The situation's bad on Bajor, and it's bad on Betazed, but it's not impossible to find people, and with as many people as Dr. Lee's got on this search...if they were out there, I think we either would have found them by now or figured out that they exist, at least.

Another mystery I can't stop thinking about is how the hell the kid survived. Even the woman who survived the impact died in the Infirmary the same day. Keith got away with a few internal injuries and broken bones that were healed quickly. And he was up and running around like a normal 3-year-old the next day. So I have to wonder...what happened on that ship? Were the Prantorians involved, and if they were, what did they do, exactly, that everyone except two people were killed instantly? And why would they do it? It was a civilian transport ship, taking families to vacation on Ugarios VII. *sigh* I know Keith probably has some substantial clues in his head, but I'm *not* going to ask. He'll probably talk about it when he wants to. But until then, or until we get a counselor on the station, I can't touch this one with a ten-foot-pole.

I just want him to be safe and happy. And I think I can give that to him. I've got a stable job, I can buy him things with my Starfleet credits, I can make sure he's educated--I heard they're building a school on the station where the Want Not Art shop was. And I can protect him. I can love him. He's so darn cute it's hard not to.

Who knows--this may turn into a long-term thing. If that's the case I'm going to need some tips from my parents. And I'll keep John around too--he's always been good with kids. If Keith goes through an emotional and behavioral crisis once he hits his teenage years, I'll get John to pound some sense into him. *laughs at the prospect*
Ah, it'll all work out. If I've got help from others, we'll get along just fine. And I really hope his extended family can be found. If not, I think I'm willing to take him for a while. End log.
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TUES 0500 Colleen's Quarters [16 Sep 2005|10:43pm]
Colleen was asleep when her console beeped, and she at first thought her alarm was malfunctioning, but then realized that she wasn't in her room--she was on the couch in her living room, and Keith was in her bed. So she ruled out the possibility of her alarm and rolled over the wrong way, forgetting that the couch ended, and landed on the floor. With a small chuckle, she got up, rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and shut the door to the bedroom so she didn't wake Keith up while she accepted the transmission. Then she walked over to the console on her desk, and accepted it. She was surprised to see John Wendell's face on the screen. Instantly awake, she said, "John! What's new?"

"Oh, nothing much," John said as he turned his neck and revealed the Lieutenant JG's pips. "Yourself?"

"You got promoted! Congratulations! So did I!"

John beamed. "Congrats! So why'd they promote you? Did you finally figure out a way to make a shuttlecraft into an interdimensional machine?"

"Are you *still* teasing me about that science project?" Colleen laughed. "No, I didn't do anything like that. They needed a Starfleet Liason to the FCC. It's good for my career path--administrative experience. Plus I'm helping the relief effort. And God--you should see the scale of the devastation from the War. I'm basically coordinating ships and paperwork and procedures right now. But I went on an away mission and you're never gonna guess what happened." Colleen dove into the story about Keith, and ended with, "And I'm his temporary guardian until his family comes to get him. He's asleep right now in my bedroom. I sealed the door so he can't hear us."

John looked shocked. "You're gonna be a parent? *You*? You could barely figure out how to make macaroni and cheese in cooking class--"


They laughed, and John said, "No--you'll make a good parent. The kid needs some support. Until family comes to find him."

"Yeah," Colleen said. "So anyway, why were *you* promoted?"

John exhaled. "Okay...you're not gonna believe me."

"I will so, just tell me."

"Fine, fine. Okay, the Yorktown wanted to check out this planet, Trilana VII, because recent sources told us that they were just about to launch their first warp vessel, and we wanted to make first contact. Fair enough. They looked like great people--calm, non-violent, very wise beyond their years, united planet, ready to explore the final frontier. And they launched their vessel, and we stood by to make first contact, and then everyone but me and this guy named Wilson just froze."

Colleen raised an eyebrow. "Everyone but you and Wilson...froze? Like water-froze or as in froze-in-time?"

"Froze in time. They all stood still. And I was on the Bridge, and I looked around, and I saw everyone frozen. Then they all just dropped. All at once. Except me, and this guy named Wilson. He was the Ops officer next to me. And Wilson was fresh out of the Academy just like me, so we both start radically typing at our consoles, and pretty soon we discover that we've been hit with some kind of energy wave from the warp engines that the Trilanas were using, and everything was hit except us. Why us? I still have no clue. It hit everywhere else on the ship, and swept over us. Turns out that the area not hit by the wave was exactly 14 m long, 4 m tall, and 2 m wide. Do you know the chances that we could have both been knocked out with the rest of the crew? Turns out it was just like a bubble in a liquid, you know?"

Colleen nodded. "So what happened?"

"We checked the sensors which miraculously still worked on our stations, and then Wilson ran a diagnostic. It turns out the energy wave was fiddling with the warp core, and it was going to rupture in less than a minute."

"A minute?!" Colleen said, shocked. "How'd you get out of that?"

"I remembered the de-activation sequence."

"That's...almost 25 digits long! And you said you couldn't remember anything!"

"I can't!"

Colleen burst out laughing. "Yeah, right! You just said that so Kate would tell you all her answers on her homework!"

John laughed. "Well, anyway, the crew recovered as soon as we got the ship out of the sector. So that's why they promoted me. And I've been transferred. You're looking at the new runabout pilot of the space station Empok Nor! They figure they'll need more than one pilot with the relief effor going on."

"You're kidding! You're coming here!"

"Yeah! I can't wait. Too bad Kate and Rick can't come too. Then the station would be in real trouble."

Colleen laughed. "Wow, John, that's great news. I can't wait to see you. When are you coming?"

"Soon...three days. Meet me at the docking ring. Transport...uh...well, I forget. Just look on the roster."

"You can't remember the transport number but you remembered the de-activation sequence."

John shrugged and gave a 'what can I do' look to Colleen. "Selective memory!"

She shook her head at him. "Yeah, the station's doomed," she said with a grin. "Uh...this is Cadet Wendell, and I...uh...well, I can't remember what shuttle bay I dock at..."

"Are you *still* bringing that up?"

"Only if you're still bringing up my interdimensional shuttlecraft!"

They laughed at themselves, before John said, "I gotta run, but I'll talk to you soon, okay?"

"Yeah, definitely. You're gonna love Empok Nor. Bye, John! See you soon." She ended the transmission, and walked into the shower, ready to start her day.
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SUN 2200 Colleen O'Donnell's personal log [16 Aug 2005|08:34pm]
Colleen O'Donnell's personal log. I met with the captain and Kel, Ambassador Tekar, and Johnny this afternoon. Captain Tola wanted to tell us about our new jobs. I'm supposed to be the Starfleet representative to the FCC. Woooh. That's a big responsibility...representing all of Starfleet. I'm supposed to coordinate the docking procedures and make sure each ship doesn't crash into something, which is something I should be good at, considering, as Professor Kyle said during graduation, "The Kid can fly *anything*." Professor Kyle would be so proud that I got a promotion so early...I should probably contact him. He was always so funny--he kept talking about me during class, saying, (squirms face into best Professor Kyle impression) "If you were stranded on a deserted asteroid with limited air in your AV suit, Colleen, I don't believe you'd follow standard procedures." Then I'd always fall for it and defend myself. "Yes I would, of course I would, Sir." "No you wouldn't, Colleen. You'd find the controls to the asteroid and fly it back to Earth." Laughs He's a great person.
So anyway, Kel is going to be the civilian face for the FCC. He's helping to coordinate their arrival as well, and get the office ready, and make sure all the PADDs and files are on the computers. I've got the same responsibilities there, and we'll end up helping each other along the way. Then Johnny is supposed to make sure that the security is hiked up because, of course, if we're bringing in refugees there are bound to be some very desperate people in that bunch. So we've all got our assignment, and we should start to work on it soon. I have some ideas for the revision of docking procedures, not clashing with Federation standards, of course, but just ammending them. Like, for ships and any kind of shuttles that have an AC-Class docking port, they should just use the shuttlebay if they're small enough because AC class takes longer to dock and more energy to fuel the unique airlock system. But then any Cardassian ships should dock at the station's appropriate ports because they were built for it, and it'd be less of a power drain and easier to navigate. For anything with dimensions like a starship--waaaay too big to dock down by the docking ring, they should dock in the upper pilons. Which is basically accepted but sometimes people don't follow that and it isn't heavily enforced, as I read from a DS9 dockmaster's log the other day. I could go on but anyone who happens to listen to this in the future, including myself, might be bored. So I'll stop now. I should run a little and get ready for bed anyway. End log.
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FRI 2300 Colleen O'Donnell's Personal Log [16 Aug 2005|08:31pm]
When Colleen got back to her quarters she decided it was too late to send a transmission to her parents telling them that she was going to be promoted. After all, it was after midnight in Lunae Planum. She instead decided to make a log entry--something she hadn't done since she was on the runabout going to Earth to meet the man from Section 31. She sat down comfortably and said, "Computer, access Ensign O'Donnell's personal log, voice authorization O'Donnell, Colleen, Ensign. Start recording. O'Donnell's personal log...hm...the computer includes the Stardate so I really don't need to...okay. Computer, erase that last sentence. Resume recording. O'Donnell's personal log. I just got news from the captain that I'm going to be promoted! I'm so excited I can hardly think straight. I told Lieutenant Tashanas while we were climbing. I'm going to work with Kel Andrus, the dockmaster. And Lieutenant Running Eagle--he's head of security. And of course the FCC--that's my new job. I'm going to get some administrative experience, which I think is good. It should be a great career advancement. I figure I'd make one of these entries now that I'm going to be promoted. I might want to look back one day and see what was going on right around now. God--a month on the station and I'm already going to be promoted! I should really contact Kate and John and Rick. They'll want to know. And I should of course contact Mom and Dad. About them--the trip back home went well. We had a great time. Dad's recovering just fine. I'm sure he'll be playing hockey with me in no time.
Ahhh...I'm so looking forward to my new job. I'll still pilot runabouts for away missions, but now I'll have something to do in between away missions. Which is always good--I think I've been spending too many hours running around the Habitat Ring. I'm losing my train of thought...maybe I should just go to sleep. Okay, Computer, end personal log."
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