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Colleen O'Donnell grew up on Station 10, right next to Utopia Planetia where her parents worked as shuttlecraft designers. Her complicated past began when she was only a child. At age 9 she and her brother were involved in a severe shuttlecraft accident, thanks to the rogue operations group Section 31. Her fifteen-year-old brother was killed. Colleen survived, but was haunted by the memory of her brother's death throughout her life. This memory was resurfaced when she learned that Section 31 inadvertently killed her brother in an attempt to damage the children's shuttlecraft and threaten their parents. The rogue group had hoped that, seeing their power to kill the children, Mr. and Mrs. O'Donnell would not come forward with recently discovered information that could put Section 31 in jeopardy. After the death of their son, Mr. and Mrs. O'Donnell did not come forward with this information.
When Colleen was stationed at her first assignment, Empok Nor, her parents were called by Starfleet to work on a specialized shuttlecraft suspected to be associated with the new species discovered in the Badlands near Empok Nor. While travelling from Station 10 to Earth to deliver the design, their shuttlecraft's left nacelle blew off, courtesy of Section 31 once more. Colleen's father suffered severe injuries, and nearly died. Her mother, miraculously, was fine.

Shortly after this incident, Colleen was assigned the title of Starfleet Liason to the FCC, coordinating their docking procedures and arrival as well as the transportation side of the aid effort coming from Empok Nor. This new job requires an officer of the rank Lieutenant, therefore Colleen was promoted to this rank before the FCC arrived.

Not long after her promotion, she went on a rescue away mission, where she found the sole survivor of the crash of the civilian transport ship Romany. His name is Keith, and he was 3 years old at the time. He was taken back to Empok Nor for medical treatment and recovered completely. He took a liking to Colleen and Colleen decided to become his temporary guardian until his family could be found. She quickly grew attached and decided to adopt Keith. www.livejournal.com/users/keithodonnell

Section 31 entered Colleen's life again when she discovered that Keith had been targeted by the organization, and had a chip implanted in his brain that would transport a number sequence to his brain, and effectively turn him into a Section 31 messenger. However, the chip malfunctioned and threatened to kill him. Thanks to Dr. Amanda Lee's medical expertise, Keith survived. Colleen's best friend John Wendell (http://www.livejournal.com/users/johnwendell) had stayed by Keith's side the entire time, and Colleen decided to offer for John to become his adoptive father. John agreed.

Colleen was approached by Captain Tashanas a while later and asked to participate in a covert mission in enemy territory. There had been reports of attacks from a seemingly unorganized group of people, but the captain's trained eye told her otherwise, and she needed someone to investigate if they were going to stop the group from attacking any other major powers.

Colleen agreed, and embarked on the covert mission. She was discovered when a member of Section 31 recognized the covert Starfleet transponder signal she sent to tell Tashanas that she was alive. Colleen was taken into custody and tortured extensively for information. When she gave nothing useful, and a rescue team arrived, her captors shot her in the chest and attempted to escape. Her two interrogators were killed in the rescue attempt while the rest of the rebel group escaped their station. Colleen was rescued and given medical attention. In order to survive, one lung and the surrounding vessels had to be replaced. She didn't wake up for another day after her surgery, and it was a long road to recovery after that.

She, John, Keith, and Keith's friend Michael traveled to Mars to spend Christmas with Colleen's parents, and give Colleen a chance to recover. She was in both physical and mental pain, and was haunted by the horrors of the mission. She began seeing Counselor Li Jaxa when she got back to the station, and although she hated every minute of the therapy sessions, she didn't miss any of them. Disgusted with John's hovering, with her weakened condition, and with Keith's constant concerned expression, she was determined to return to normal.

Three months later, she considered herself recovered for the most part, but still plagued with nightmares. She was far from comfortable with the event, but she was able to talk about it professionally, and no longer had flashbacks. She began exploring her current career in flight, and thinking that she perhaps wanted more. But she wasn't sure what, exactly, that entailed.

She turned her attention to clues she had picked up from Section 31 throughout the past few years. Her father's name appeared in the number sequence Keith recited from his Infirmary bed while the brain chip was activated. She recovered the ship name 'Talapus', and the convicted ex-Starfleet Captain 'Pressman' from the chip's code, and then Starfleet Intelligence Commander Henderson and Captain Riker of the Titan mysteriously took off together for a 'poker tournament'. Colleen, believing that God had spoken to her to tell her to pursue this, put the pieces together and determined that something dealing with the Pegasus incident in Captain Riker's past also had involved Henderson, and her parents, and that now Riker and Henderson were in trouble on this 'poker tournament' planet Telon. She took off without authority, stole a shuttle, and sped to the planet Telon II. WARNING: Events past this point are classified under Starfleet Security Clearance Level 12-b.

After this incident, Colleen and Captain Tashanas sat down and had a serious talk about Colleen's career. Another stunt like that one would get her kicked out of Starfleet, and another commander would not be so forgiving as Tashanas. The Captain strongly suggested that Colleen re-evaluate what she was doing, and this led to Colleen's decision to go into Starfleet Security.

She entered into security training on Earth, and John and Keith moved with her to Mars, where John received his official Engineering License. After three years, Captain Tashanas received command of the exploration/fighter starship Mercury-Class USS Gadsden. She requested that Lieutenant Colleen O'Donnell be her chief of security, and that Lieutenant John Wendell be her chief engineer. They moved aboard the Gadsden for the next chapter in their lives.

Colleen is up for promotion soon to Lieutenant Commander, and is thinking about applying for the second officer position aboard the USS Gadsden.

Colleen is an energetic, fairly young lieutenant, who runs every morning and exercises throughout the day. Her pastimes include rock climbing, reading ancient Earth science fiction, running, almost any form of bodily excercise, flying, participating in any form of activity that involves speeds higher than 200 mph, and eating terran food.